Stop-Motion is the art of creating animations from photos. The course is an alternative approach to what animation can be in art education. Through simple contents and practices, we will create new possibilities for artistic expression, records and reflections. This knowledge can be combined with the practice of preparing classes for children, adolescents and adults.


Expand and diversify the knowledge of teachers and interested parties, bringing content and animation practices closer to the dynamics of reflective practices.

 What it is – How it is done – Animation Practices – Elaboration of Artistic Proposals

Target Audience

Teachers, artists, mediators, therapists, parents and teenagers


Step by step, we will approach the different aspects of creating an animation in Stop-Motion, combining the knowledge of each class with practices that will be carried out weekly in the interval between one class and another. For each class, a text/images/video content will be available for consultation.

Program content

1. character creation
2. From Ordinary to Extraordinary
3. Metamorphose, Cycles/GIF
4. Dubbing/Sound Effects - Creating a character that speaks and blinks - Image, sound and editing
5. Audiovisual creation and abstraction - Dialogues and Conflicts between materials with different characteristics
6. Pixelation - The presence of the human being in the animation
7. From the individual to the collective 1 - Photography, audio, editing, editing
8. From the individual to the collective 2 - Storyboard - Photography, audio, editing, editing


- To carry out the proposals, it is necessary to acquire some materials. See here the list of materials;
In addition to the classes given live once a week and the content made available on the platform, teachers support students through the platform throughout the course;
The contents of the classes are available on the AAB platform and developed in the weekly classes via zoom;
- Taught by the teacher Antonio Sodré.


Participation of at least 75% of the course is required to receive the certificate.


This course lasts for 2 months (20 hours), containing:

  • Classes by Zoom
  • Art-Educational Proposals (Practices)
  • Consultation Materials
  • Exchanges of Experiences

day and time

Mondays from 19:00 to 20:00 - Live class via Zoom


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.



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